Do Androids Dance ClosureAfter two years of reporting on all facets of electronic music, Do Androids Dance has shut down its standalone website and merged all of its writers under the umbrella. Complex Media–the New York based culture firm founded by Marc Ecko–launched Do Androids Dance in January 2013 as “the spot for fresh music, breaking news, collaborations with DJs and producers, some much-needed history lessons, and a look at the culture and how it’s flowing into other genres.”

Interestingly enough Ecko’s co-founder and Complex’s CEO, Rich Antoniello, cited that very cross-genre flow as a major reason for Do Androids Dance‘s closure, which he spun as a “merger” in an interview with Billboard:

‘EDM is has cross-pollinated with hip hop, it’s a lifestyle topic now,’ he said. ‘It didn’t make sense to keep covering it on this stand-alone, narrow vertical. We wanted that traffic to contribute to Complex. We didn’t let anyone go, they’re all going to keep writing for us, so it’s more of a merger.’

Antoniello then seemed to say that EDM is boring to read about, with not enough beefs or rumormongering:

‘EDM is an experiential culture, it’s about going to shows and maybe revisiting them in a large scale video later,’ he said. ‘It’s not like hip hop which is about rumors and collaborations and feuds and shopping. People are trying to apply general music standards to electronic music, but it’s different. It’s still compelling, but it’s very different.’

The bottom line seems to be that Complex, with it’s 30 million visitors per month, saw Do Androids Dance flailing compared to their famed hip hop coverage at Pigeons and Planes or fashion writing at Four Pins. Antoniello is further quoted by Billboard as stating that “Hip hop has long been a successful editorial topic for [Complex], but dance music proved more challenging.”

In a farewell post, Do Androids Dance‘s editor Khal didn’t provide many details, but thanked his writing staff and expressed pride in the project. His full statement is below:

Do Androids Dance Closure Statement