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Egos, Bribery, and Lawsuits: EDM’s Two Biggest CEOs Duke it Out for Industry Supremacy

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Two cut-throat CEOs are battling it out for control over America's hottest commodity with trademark lawsuits, expanding portfolios, proxy battles, and even allegations of bribery. One has unrivaled business savvy, whi...

Skrillex Soars to Pop Culture Relativity with Entry in NY Times Crossword Puzzle

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What has eight letters and intersects nicely with "Strove" and "XsAndOs"? If you're the stereotypical crossword aficionado then the answer may evade you. On the other hand if you're the hard-partying Millenial type, s...

Need & Necessity – So Listen

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Local house heroes Need & Necessity are out with another hot release on our very own Night Supply Records. This--their fifth on Night Supply--is the label's second Beatport release and a worthy follow up to Mosis'...

Bad News for SFX Keeps on Coming: Loss of $41 Million and Drop in Same Festival Attendance

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SFX has had a rough few weeks. Two days after CEO and Chairman Robert F.X. Sillerman announced plans to buy back a majority of the company's stock, causing a brief jump in said stock's value, antitrust litigation grou...