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Newcomer Brauxpez Remixes “Feel Good Inc.” to Full Effect

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With a new a new Gorillaz album on the way set for debut in 2016, there are a lot of thirsty ears are chomping at the bit in anticipation. Fortunately, there are excellent remixes like this bootleg of "Feel Good I...

New Dirtybird Compilation slated for Jan. 27th Release

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Dirtybird is turning 10 years old. Yes. The Big 1-0. That's huge for a record label. Especially one that has shaped the scene of electronic music and is continually on the forefront of expanding or creating trends. ...

Prospa Releases Another Smash Record on Audiophile Live

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Prospa popped up on this writer's radar a few months ago with a 120k play performance released on Audiophile Live. It's mesh of some deep house undertones, soulful r&b lyrics and stylishly laid guitar rifts, "Lo...

Ladis Kouba – The Silent Drive EP

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The holidays have come early courtesy of the crew over at Audiophile. They have taken it down a notch, with some deep techno vibes from an artists residing on the Texas/Mexico bordertown of Laredo: Ladis Kouba. The ...