Roland 808 PrescaleWhoa, that’s the weekend right there! Crazy. Check out all of the news you might have missed this week right here at TheHundred blog. Some of it we reported as it happened, some of it we didn’t; either way it’s all here in its marvelous dance glory.

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Slow Acid: Calvin Harris New Single Has Everybody Losing Their Head:

Calvin Harris has taken a departure from the big room sound that’s made him millions. At least for one single. Everybody‘s talking about the track as if it’s a game-changing move, but with word just released that his upcoming album will feature big name pop acts like Haim, Gwen Stefani, and Ellie Goulding, I think it’s safe to say that a major overhaul of his bank-making sound is unlikely. Check the video for Slow Acid below–the track is good and the visual story fun to watch.

SoundCloud Lost $29M in 2013:soundcloud logo
Back in August we told you about SoundCloud’s plan to monetize their platform, and now we have a little more information as to why the contentious plan is so vital to their business model: They’re hemorrhaging cash. This week TechCrunch reported that, while its income was up 40% in 2013, the audio sharing platform lost nearly $30 million the same year. It doesn’t help that major labels are not cooperating with the company as they try to figure out a way to increase their income.

Can Berlin Save Detroit?:
Fisher Body 21-2 Detroit
A German techno legend is looking to spur revitalization in Detroit by transforming an abandoned 536,000 square foot auto factory into a massive nightclub, reports the Wall Street Journal. The six story building, named Fisher Body Plant 21 was built almost 100 years ago and “is covered in graffiti, lined with smashed windows and, according to state authorities, dangerously contaminated.”

Dimitri Hegemann, owner of storied Berlin clubs Ufo and Tresor, is spearheading an effort by the Detroit-Berlin connection to “give something back to Detroit.”

Read the whole story here.

Duke Dumont Announces Nelly Furtado Collab:Nelly Furtado
In a short promotional interview with culture site, Société Perrier, deep house darling Duke Dumont announced plans to work with Nelly Furtado in the near future:

An interesting one at the moment — we’re doing some stuff in the very early stages — is Nelly Furtado. I love her. With Nelly Furtado, you could write a hit record that would actually be good. There’s not many artists like that in the pop music world. With other singers, it would be a more generic track. With Nelly Furtado, I think you could actually do something quite interesting.

Mark Bell R.I.P.:

The music world suffered a huge loss this week in the death of British musician and techno pioneer, Mark Bell, has died from complications related to a surgery. Bell is perhaps best known in the collective mind as one half of legendary techno act LFO, but very well reached more ears in his production work with Björk and Depeche Mode.

Warp Records, LFO’s label, confirmed the news this morning with a statement on their website:

It’s with great sadness that we announce the untimely passing of Mark Bell of LFO who died last week from complications after an operation. Mark’s family & friends request privacy at this difficult time.

Kraftwerk Nominated to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame :KRAFTWERK live MTV EMA 2003

Pioneering German act Kraftwerk–who basically created electronic music before most of us were born–has been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Despite the rock-centric name, different genres are permitted entry to the prestigious hall: Dance acts like the the Bee Gees and Parliament-Funkadelic, and hip hop act Run-D.M.C have all been inducted, but this appears to be the first time that an all electronic act has been honored.

Roland 808 Documentary Featuring David Guetta, New Order, and Diplo:

The legendary Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer is about to get its own documentary. Rolling Stone reports that Atlantic Films–with You Know Films and Arthur Baker–is soon to release a film focused on the drum machine and the impact its had on music over the last 30+ years. Evidence of its impact can be seen in the A talent the film will feature: Everybody from Phill Collins to New Order to Diplo will be interviewed. Rolling Stone also states: “An era-spanning soundtrack featuring many of the greatest hits produced by a Roland TR-808 will accompany the film.”

Here’s the official trailer:

Singles of the Week:

Here are some tracks we LOVED this week:

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Kraftwerk Image by Cristal en Vivo via flickr creative commons.creative commons.
Fisher Body Plant 21 Image by memories_by_mike via flickr creative commons.creative commons.
Nelly Furtado Image by ovtovaz via flickr creative commons.creative commons.