Play PLASTIC PLATES Cassian - Running (Plastic Plates Remix)

If we had to choose one country that is just consistently pumping out some of the best musical talent at the moment, it would be hard to make an argument for anyone but Australia taking the top spot. Today we’ve got a track that two of our favorite Australian artists have worked on, Cassian and Plastic Plates. This Plastic Plates remix of Cassian‘s “Running,” is a perfect example of the freshness of Australia dance music talent, and why it has a nearly hegemonic status in the scene!  You should definitely check this out out! Plastic Plates‘ remix of Cassian‘s “Running,” drops December 19th, on Sweat It Out!

Oh, and if you happen to live in the Denver area, we’ll be having Plastic Plates playing at Club Vinyl. He always throws down! So, if you’re able to, I’d highly recommend that you come through!

Plastic Plates - Vinyl - December - 2014