We were too busy this week reviewing singles and writing up our local artists to actually report anything, but we were paying attention. Here’s what we think you shouldn’t miss–and some very recent news specific to our Cloak & Dagger festival artists about halfway through.

More Deadmau5 Car News:
Last week we told you about deadmau5’s legal issues with Ferrari. Well, this week he ditched that piece of shit purrari and traded it in for a McLaren 650S (Base Price: $280K). Wanna know what it feels like to ride in a car more expensive than your home? You just may be in luck (if you live in Toronto) as the mau5man has apparently signed up for an Uber driver account and begun picking up fares. The Verge reports that he recently drove a fan to Chipotle.

Eric Prydz AMA
More follow-up from last week: Eric Prydz did indeed do a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), revealing that he has a secret Swedish folk alias named Fiol Lasse and loves powder tobacco. Also, he’s working on a new CHVRCHES remix and has a new album in the works.

Avicii Cancels Remaining 2014 Tour Dates
Avicii has canceled his remaining 2014 tour dates due to more health problems. Billboard reports: “All touring and promotional activities have been suspended, pending the Swedish dance star’s recovery from lingering health issues related to the surgeries that removed his gallbladder and appendix earlier this year.” In April the then 24 year old superstar DJ and producer had his gallbladder and appendix removed after falling ill at WMC Miami and, in 2013, was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis that doctors blamed on drinking. Get better, little guy!

Last week Reuters reported that Pioneer was considering selling its DJ equipment business for $570 million. Pioneer was quick to respond with a press release that stated, basically, “yeah we’re considering it but haven’t made any decisions yet.” The blogs are buzzing. We’re talking about it. But we’re also lusting after these sweet Pioneer headphones after seeing this promo video that was posted to YouTube the very same day as the press release. h/t Stoney Roads

The Cloak & Dagger festival is a week away! Here’s some C&D artist-related news from the last week:

Justin Martin just remixed British singer-songwriter Charlotte OC’s track Strange. We’d love to embed it here, but it looks like VICE’s noisey got the exclusive. Head on over and check it out.

Midland will be releasing his Duster EP on Monday. Thump is currently streaming its first single Pitch Drift, which Midland describes as “trippy late night vibes.” This one we can embed for you:

Sango‘s new track Tell Me is featured on his label Soulection’s compilation The Sound of Tomorrow in coordination with Stussy. Listen below:

Cashmere Cat co-produced (along with Stargate) this new track for Kid Ink, Usher, and Tinashe. h/t inthemix

Golf Clap played Flash in DC two weeks ago and just put up their set at SoundCloud. Check it out to get a little taste of things to come:

Insightful dropped his new single from upcoming full-length Moth Mother:

HOMEWORK is apparently working with legendary film score composer Vangelis on a new track: