Meow Mix Ashworth ScreenshotIf there is one thing more essential to today’s internet than cats and EDM, we have no idea what that could possibly be. And now Meow Mix (yes that Meow Mix) has gone and blown up the World Wide Web by combining the two in an amazing video set to a “Meow Mix” by London DJ Ashworth. The song itself–a big room remix of the original cat food jingle–is one of those annoyingly brilliant tracks that will get stuck in your head ALL DAY LONG and have you clawing at your parents’ sofa just to relieve the frustration. The video is a like a red laser point you just can’t take your eyes off of.

It goes something like this: An adorable crowd of raver kitties–decked out proper in headgear and shutter shades and everything–are getting TURNT on glow sticks, strobe lights, and Meow Mix treats falling from the ceiling like a cash drop. Meanwhile, the coolest cats in the room (the DJs, of course) are building and building the beat with feline intensity. A fader is pushed. A sampler button stabbed. An intense stare emanates from the alpha on stage and LASERS BLAST OUT OF THE CAT’S EYES. A disco ball explodes. Frenzy ensues. I hope they’re practicing harm reduction at this party–as long as they’re sticking to the catnip and staying away from the Meow Meow, we should be fine.

Apparently this video was released in August of last year–don’t ask me why we didn’t pick up on it sooner. It already has nearly 2.5 million hits and Ashworth even bragged about it on his Twitter page back in October. Better late than never is our motto. This is still a must-watch.

But, hey, don’t take our word for it; check it out right here: