Evoke and SamplesWe’re a little less than two weeks out from TheHundred’s first festival: Cloak & Dagger. While we’re all charged for the big name national acts like Golf Clap, Justin Martin, and Moon Boots, there’s a real thrill in seeing Denver’s homegrown talent sharing the stage with those guys, as well as headlining our very own locals’ stage. We can’t release set times and who’s playing where just yet, but each day this week we’ll feature two or three of the locals playing here at the blog so you can familiarize yourself with their sound and prioritize your time accordingly. Buy your tickets here.

Today we focus on two artists, both with Boulder roots and both bringing a unique perspective to the Denver scene: Evoke and Samples.

Evoke Facebook Photo
Though Boulder-based Alden Evoke has only been releasing music publicly for about a year, the relative newcomer has been involved in the underground music scene for more than five, soaking up all of the essentials like a sponge. His releases over the last year are an amalgamation of the sonic juices he’s absorbed, proving Evoke to be a prolific producer with dozens of tracks already under his belt. His Neuropop EP was put out by Simplify Recordings in May and he has another album set to be released on SectionZ this year.

Modulated basslines drive a sound that sometimes recalls indie electronic hybrid acts of the early aughts like Kenna, while the vocals have a definite new wave sensibility. With elements of dubstep, electro, downtempo, and post-punk, Evoke’s music is melodic and danceable.  His live set-up utilizes Ableton via an APC40 and midi guitar/Livid Guitar Wing, and promises to be compelling.

Here’s a teaser for that SectionZ album mentioned earlier:

Ben Samples is a name that needs no introduction to many in the Denver area and, really, much of the US. He’s toured the country with acts like The Polish Ambassador, Eliot Lipp, and Coyote Kisses, and held down residencies at Beta and other Denver venues. His DJ career got started in 2006 at CU Boulder’s KVCU AM—1190, hosting a weekly variety show, and has evolved in forming the Denver Bass Squad and Fresh2Death.
Ben Samples Facebook Photo
His productions include chill reworks of artists like Imogen Heap and Florence + the Machine, and party remixes of hair rock classics like Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll and Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion. Always bass-heavy, his mixes are typically of the dubstep persuasion, though he has been working with Denver’s Mikey Thunder on a new house project called Disco Dragons.

You Can Even is one of his latest mixes and a good idea of what you can expect to hear on 9/20 at Cloak & Dagger