iowno and marcelo moxyWe’re barely a week out from TheHundred’s first festival: Cloak & Dagger. While we’re all charged for the big name national acts like Cashmere Cat, Holy Ghost!, and Gigamesh, there’s a real thrill in seeing Denver’s homegrown talent sharing the stage with those guys, as well as headlining our very own locals’ stage. We can’t release set times and who’s playing where just yet, but each day this week we’ll feature two or three of the locals playing here at the blog so you can familiarize yourself with their sound and prioritize your time accordingly. Buy your tickets here.

Today two house-heads get the feature: iowno and Marcelo Moxy


Iowno fell in love with electronic music after attending Paris’ Technoparade in 2009. An exchange student in northern France that year, he was able to spend his nights and weekends exploring the thriving house scene in the land of Dimitri from Paris and Daft Punk. Even though France is renowned for its house music, iowno’s passion was ignited for all veins of “EDM,” and his versatility in taste can be seen in his productions and remixes, which range from a glitched out reimagining of Nicki Minaj’s Did it on ‘Em to original trap pieces.

While his productions range from downtempo to trap, his mixes tend to stay in the house territory, but never confined by subgenre. His European inspiration is evident in his mixes as he veers from deep, soulful tracks to electro-singed fist-pumpers and progressive elements. It’s always high energy and it definitely works.

Check out this live set from July to get a feel for the vibes he’ll be bringing to Cloak & Dagger:

Marcelo Moxy
Marcelo Moxy: A man of few words. A man of mystery. At least that’s how he prefers this—his most recent—moniker be represented. And that’s fine with us. From LA to NY, and back home to Denver, Moxy’s music speaks for itself in the language of tech and disco, but always with a deep house accent. Check his Disco Manifesto for a little taste of things to come:

Marcelo’s Disco Manifesto by Marcelo Moxy on Mixcloud