Steve Aoki at SalinasMonday night was a rough one for Steve Aoki and his Texas fans as two El Paso concerts were shut down by local authorities. The first, a scheduled show at Buchanans Event Center, was brought to an end at midnight–right as Aoki planned to take the stage–when firefighters arrived on the scene because of a sewage leakage. As attendees responded by fighting each other and throwing bottles, Aoki took to Twitter pleading with his fans to find another venue that would host him for free:

Steve Aoki El Paso Twitter - 3 (3)

Steve Aoki El Paso Twitter - 3 (2)

Aoki Twitter El Paso Shows 1 (2)

Steve Aoki El Paso Twitter - 2 (2)

As luck would have it, another venue volunteered their space:

Aoki Twitter El Paso Shows 1 (3)

But the cops would have none of that, and threatened to arrest Aoki just after 2AM when he took the stage at 301 Night Club. A fan posted this video of him explaining the situation to the crowd, stating, “You’re not going to be happy about this; you got to be fucking cool. The police are here and they are shutting this shit down. My tour manager just told me if I continue playing they are going to arrest me.”

Check all the local coverage for more details and video of pissed off Aoki fans.

Steve Aoki photo by Mauricio Torres via flickr creative commons