David GuettaDavid Guetta has a new album coming out this month, and the 47 year old megastar wants you to know it’s his most personal work yet and (really) even includes a ballad. In an interview with Rolling Stone published yesterday, Guetta talked about personal struggles and an “existential crisis” that have forged a new, more introspective studio artist who approaches the creative process in an entirely different way:

Until today I was always starting with the beat and then writing the song on it. This time I was starting with piano, voice and guitar, then producing around the song. I’ve really changed everything, like the way I was working, the people I was working with – everything. I’m really happy, because the result of this is that I’m here with you, doing the interview, and I’m excited…

I spent way, way more time on songwriting. It’s probably my most personal album. Until today I was doing lots of songs about happiness and love and sexiness and just having a party – it was basically my life, you know? And lately, my personal life has been a little more difficult, so it reflects also on the album, on the things that we’re talking about, on the type of chords. I’ve never done this, because even for me it was all about making the people dance.

He also discussed his history as a house DJ beginning at gay clubs in the 1980s, and how Daft Punk was instrumental in launching his career:

One day I made a record in 2001, and I was like, ‘Thomas [Bangalter], can I play you something?’ I was a huge fan. He listened to it and was like, ‘Woah, this is really good.’ He called the president of Virgin in France – that was his label – and was like, ‘Hey I’m here with a friend.’ Imagine at the time, it was like God was calling the president of the company. It was insane. He was like the hottest artist in the world. It’s really funny because I didn’t make music for years and then when I started again after two days I had this record. The day before I was in the office of the company, and it was, like, impossible to get a meeting. Of course with Thomas calling, I signed on the same day.

Be sure to head on over to Rolling Stone to read the whole interview—it gave this cynic a new respect for the world’s most famous party DJ. His new album, Listen, is out on November 24th.

David Guetta image by Andrea Ferreira via flickr creative commons