Deep For The Heads

If you’re a fan of those deep, soulful, jazzy, sexy as fuck, old school House sounds then there are few labels that deliver the goods better than Plastik People Recordings. I’ve only recently discovered this label, after hearing Detroit Swindle play a track off of Playin’ 4 The City‘s – Playin EP [PP03], which I immediately went out and bought on vinyl. After listening through a few of  Plastik People‘s other releases, I knew I had found a label that was going to be one of my new favorites. Well, they are certainly holding up to my prediction. Their next release is compilation aptly titled Deep For The Heads Vol. 1, featuring productions by Chaise Longue, Bittersuite, Suarez, and J’s Gruv’s. All four tracks on the release are straight soulful Jazzy House ear sex. I really like Jazzy House, and in my opinion there’s not enough of it out there–maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. Thankfully there are labels like Plastik People Recordings giving us releases like this to satisfy our appetites.

This is Deep For The Heads Vol. 1, so I hope there will be plenty more Deep For The Heads volumes to come. I could probably listen to this record for hours. All four productions on the compilation are great, though if I had to choose just one it would probably be Suarez’s “One Last Bite,” I’m a sucker for those soulful Gospel House vocals, and combine with those guitar riffs! Wow! Pure auditory pleasure. I’d also have to say Chaise Longue‘s “Atlanta Night Skies” slightly edges out the other two tracks, but just because of those super sexy guitar riffs, they’re just amazing. When I say Chaise Longue‘s “Atlanta Night Skies” only slightly edges out Bittersuite’s “Kayamandi” and J’s Gruv’s “Wet & Warm,” I mean it, all of the tracks on Deep For The Heads Vol. 1 are extremely well produced. Suarez is the only artist featured on this compilation that I’ve heard of prior to this release, but I will definitely be keeping my eye on Chaise Longue, Bittersuite, and J’s Gruv’s after this.

Deep For The Heads Vol. 1, will be released on vinyl October 3rd, with a digital release following sometime in November–you have to love a label that still gives priority to 12″ releases–on Plastik People Recordings [PP05].

I look forward to reviewing Deep For The Heads Vol. 2!