Dirty South Promo Pic Reddit AMASerbian-Australian DJ, producer, and filmmaker Dirty South took to reddit yesterday for an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) in which he discussed his relationship with Astralwerks, named the rock star with whom he’d most like to collaborate, and shared some production tips with his die-hard fans. But, really, mostly, all he talked about was Nutella. Yes, that Nutella. He talked about Nutella-covered Zedd, fetal Nutella exposure, hell, his hairstyle is even named after the creamy cocoa-hazelnut spread:

Dirty South AMA-Nutella Swift Hairstyle

So what about that rock star? He really wants to collaborate with Anthony Kiedis, of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame:

Dirty South AMA-Kiedis

He’s just a tad touchy about his short-lived relationship with Astralwerks:

Dirty South AMA-Astrelwerks

He made some jokes. Or, at least, I’m pretty sure he’s joking. The man is a DJ–not Wilt Chamberlain…right?

Dirty South AMA-girls

His label, Phazing, is set to release some remixes. Of course, the main reason for the AMA was to plug his forthcoming release, With You.

Dirty South AMA-Phazing

He threw out some advice to his aspiring fans. I’m sure they appreciated it:

Dirty South AMA - Production tip mixdown