9mm Deep in the WoodsSo much for PLUR: Four people were shot, and three critically wounded, at a deep house music festival in Alberton, South Africa on Saturday. According to local news site, The Citizen, a fight broke out among three men around 4:30PM, escalating to the point that a 9mm was pulled and fired. A festival attendee who happened to be a police reservist pulled his weapon and fired at the shooter, allegedly hitting him twice in the back:

As the argument escalated, he said the man tapped one of the two other men on the chest with what police later confirmed to be a 9mm pistol.

‘Neither of the two backed off, they stood their ground. He pointed the gun at one of them and fired a shot, but I didn’t see the guy he was aiming at go down,’ said [a] witness.

The witness said two more shots rang out and the shooter collapsed with bullet wounds in his lower back – a police reservist attending the festival having shot him from behind. Police confirmed that a reservist shot the assailant.

The Alberton Record reports that three people—including the alleged shooter—are currently hospitalized in critical condition, while one victim was treated and discharged.

The festival, called Deep in the Woods, is promoted as “a deep house music festival…at a hidden gem of a venue called Meyers Farm.” Their website touts “sharing in the beauty, intrigue, and mystery that surround rolling hills, tall trees, still ponds, and an open green field.”

In an unbelievable move, at least by American standards, the festival was not canceled. Promoters posted a statement to their Facebook page saying, “There are too many supporters and fans that we don’t want to let down…We will however make a sizeable donation in Deep In The Woods name to a charity we feel is fit to show we are an event thats (sic) for the people, done by the people.”
Deep in the Woods Shooting
9mm image by James Case/Creative Commons via flickr