Eric David J Harmon Goldroom Till SunriseBack in August, LA-based producer Goldroom announced a novel idea: He would release the vocal stems to a track he was working on with vocalist Mammals for free—months before the release date—and invite anybody and everybody to “premix” the track.

Denver producers Eric David and j.harmon jumped on the chance, teaming up to create a post-2AM space-vibes house track, layering Mammals’ sultry androgynous vocals over lush pads and a mid-tempo beat. The minimal track is driven by a contagious dual note bassline and reverbed snares that pop like aural comets. A sample of British philosopher, Alan Watts, is used in which he ponders the meaning of self: “I believe that if we are honest with ourselves, that the most fascinating problem in the world is ‘who am I’… I don’t think there can be any more fascinating preoccupation than that.”

This being the third hot track that Eric David has released in the last 60 days–and with j.harmon’s dance bonafides shining brightly–I don’t think the question “who am I” should be dogging the duo too much. They seem to be right where they should be: Producing deep, melodic tunes that keep the after party going Till Sunrise.

Check it out here, and get the free download: