Golf Clap - Only One - Country Club Disco in Golf Clap - Only One - Country Club Disco 004Golf Clap is out with a third self release on their own Detroit-based Country Club Disco label. The track, Only One, is everything you’d expect from the duo: Bouncy and soulful with a filtered Motown sample, the vocalist wails, “You are the only one…that makes me feel this way.” A clicky hi-hat drives the tempo while a liquidy synth builds to the peak, and muted pads round out the sound. The guys reached overseas for remix duty this time with Australia’s Jafunk and the UK’s Reset Safari and Mike Millrain rounding out the 4 track EP.

Looks like it’s only available on “shatter” themed vinyl right now–and you can grab that here (free Country Club Disco hat with purchase!). If you’re the digital file type, though, SoundCloud will just have to do for now: