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You may have heard that we’re throwing our first music festival this weekend–hopefully you’ve heard, especially if you’re in Denver–well to be more specific it’s the promotion arm of TheHundred, TheHundred Presents, that’s throwing the festival. Technicalities aside, the festival is called Cloak & Dagger, and it has a seriously awesome line-up! Not to sound conceited–okay, so this is going to sound conceited, haha–but we kinda have pretty amazing taste in music. I mean, that is why you’re reading this, or at least we hope that’s why you read our blog. Anyway, this blog, the weekly events that we host in Denver under our TheHundred Presents and HOME Denver brands, our record label Night Supply, they’re all about one thing, and that’s sharing the music that we love us with others. Whether we accomplish that goal by sharing a new tune from a little known Russian producer on this blog, releasing and supporting our local Denver artists though our Night Supply label, or throwing multiple weekly events featuring artists ranging from James Curd, Vanilla Ace, Urulu, Pat Lok, a relatively unknown pair of brothers who go by the name Disclosure–it was a few months before they exploded in popularity after their mega-hit “Latch,” I think there were only about 60-70 something people in attendance–to hosting well established artists with large international followings such as Claude VonStrokeThe Martinez BrothersDigitalism and even Kaskade for his recent Redux tour. We’ve even played host to legends such as MK, Derrick Carter, and Alan Braxe, among others. All of these are just different means to accomplishing the same goal, sharing the music we love, and hopefully the enjoyment of that music, with others. So while we’ve had some amazing moments in our journey, our biggest milestone to date is this weekend, and it’s called Cloak & Dagger.

You may recall that we wrote about Cloak & Dagger back in July when we first announced it, which included a playlist we created featuring songs by all the artists that we had announced at the time. You can find that original post HERE. Anyway, that was a few months ago, and we have since announced about a dozen more artists, most of whom are part of our ‘Made In Denver’ stage, dedicated to providing a channel for the local artists that help make Denver’s unique scene what it is, week after week. The ‘Made In Denver’ artists that we have announced since our initial post are: Dawn Safari, Snubluck, Evoke, Samples, Iowno, Marcelo Moxy, BLVCK Jordan (who has since changed his name to Milky.WAV), Real Cosby, our very own Night Supply artists, Keepers., Action 52, and Need & Necessity, and finally Ill-esha, who was the most recent addition to our ‘Made In Denver’ stage. You can check out our five part ‘Cloak & Dagger Locals Preview’ series HERE for more on these artists. Unfortunately, Ill-esha was added later, so is not featured in our ‘Cloak & Dagger Locals Preview’ series. If we are able to, we’ll try to write up a feature for her as well.

I was going to create another Cloak & Dagger playlist to help pass the time for the final few days; however The Groove beat me to it. If you’re unfamiliar with The Groove, it’s one of Souls In Action Entertainment‘s regular blog series. The Groove focuses on the underground dance music scene in Denver, primarily on the House scene. The Groove also just so happens to be curated by yours truly.The Groove initially began as a weekly series that previewed our weekly HOME Denver parties, which were initially co-promoted by TheHundred and Souls In Action Entertainment, as an attempt to acquaint Souls In Action‘s fan base with the more underground sounds that they were hosting at HOME Denver. That’s actually how I personally became involved with TheHundred, I handled Souls In Action‘s side of the HOME Denver events. After Souls In Action pulled out of the HOME Denver events, I continued The Groove, but diversified its focus. It still covered the HOME Denver events, but not exclusively so. I begin covering TheHundred Presents events, releases by local House producers, coverage of the underground House artists to play Global Dance Festival, and I even dabbled in some non-local House coverage, featuring mixes by international artists, but I digress. The Groove focuses on the Denver the underground dance scene, particularly the House scene, Cloak & Dagger features a sizable number of House artists, the majority of the line-up actually falls under the scope of The Groove–Nu-Disco being a sub-genre of House. Not to mention, Souls In Action Entertainment is hosting the Cloak & Dagger ‘Main Stage’–the amphitheater of City Hall–along with fellow Denver based independent promoters, Euphonic Conceptions, and Awesome Factory.  So I figured, why not kill four birds with one stone. I could provide content for the blog series that I curate–The Groove–I could provide promotional content for an event Souls In Action is a part of, I could provide promotional coverage of the biggest event we’ve done to date–both for Souls In Action and TheHundred–and since I created a new Cloak & Dagger playlist for The Groove, I could use that same playlist for TheHundred blog. If I were to create another one, just for this post, it would be nearly identical to the one I used for The Groove, besides cross-promotion is always good. And while in one sense this can be viewed as a ‘guest playlist’, I view it as more indigenous, since I also happen to curate The Groove.  I tend to use The Groove for the more localized content, while I try to keep TheHundred blog focused on non-localized content–Cloak & Dagger being the exception, because of its magnitude.

I apologize if I’ve been rambling. I’ve been up all night generating content for Cloak & Dagger, for both The Groove and TheHundred, in addition to other outlets–it’s crunch time! Anyway, here’s the impeccably curated Cloak & Dagger playlist from The Groove. Since it’s curated by The Groove, it only features artists who cohere with the focus of The Groove; hence, the playlist, unfortunately doesn’t include artists such as Cashmere Cat, Insightful, or Sango, nor the majority of the ‘Made In Denver’ artists. However, for a taste of what they have to offer, I implore that you reference our first Cloak & Dagger playlist, which you can find HERE, and for on the ‘Made In Denver’ artists, please reference the aforementioned five part ‘Cloak & Dagger Locals Preview’ series, which you can find HERE.

The Groove‘s Cloak & Dagger playlist features 30 tracks, by 15 artists, totaling over 160 minutes. The artists that are included in The Groove‘s Cloak & Dagger playlist are: Need & Necessity, Graff, Homework, Martyn, Midland, Justin Martin, Action 52, Pomo, Kidnap Kid, Golf Clap, Thomas Jack, Keepers., Moon Boots, Holy Ghost!, and Gigamesh. If you’d like a detailed description of the tracks and artists that are featured in The Groove‘s playlist, you can find The Groove‘s full feature on Cloak & Dagger HERE.