dontchaNeed & Necessity are back at it again with a laid back bbq jam that is nearly impossible to set down after being captivated in this aurally pleasing piece of art. Fresh off their latest production “This Life”, the Denver duo hits this remix of the Odd Future derivative The Internet’s “Dont’cha” out of the park with one of their most accessible productions to date. Immediately with a highly engaging drum kit, original piano intro and heady low end stab rife with attitude, . And then there is Syd the Kid. The way her voice hits every note in stride with the funky, salacious groove makes this perfect for a variety of settings; whether you’re spinning, on the other side of the speaker or just in your crib looking for a chill tune to set the mood. With this being an edit, Need & Necessity are giving this away for free on their Facebook for just a like. So easy. While you’re at it, go give them some love for this track on Hype Machine!