James Welsh - S EP

Rarely does a full EP impress me enough to write an entire review on it. Guess this is one of those times. If you’re not familiar with Hypercolour yet then you probably don’t read this blog and/or hate house music. They’ve been absolutely impeccable over the years and they’re quality has simply never dipped. Today’s release features a 4 track EP titled “S” (as all 4 songs start with the letter S) created by James Welsh.

James Welsh has built quite the stable of quality releases working with huge names such as Greymatter & Bodhi and releasing records on notable labels Futureboogie and Future Classic. OK we get it.. He’s a G. Let’s get to this EP shall we.

The first cut on this endeavor is entitled “SKY”. Simply put it’s the first record I heard off the EP and it was so good that I had to go through the others. I guess what was nice to hear in this track is the simple disco kit used in the drum work. Doesn’t get all fancy.. it let’s the rest of the music to the talking. That was refreshing. Great vox samples and beautiful chord changes. Listen to it a couple of times and you’ll be hooked.

Now on to the 2nd tune “Sent”. It has a garage influenced bass line and a diva vox sample that’s nice and groovy. Once again flawless drum work. Nothing too busy or over produced. Great chord work and tones. Could work in a late night set however I see this fitting in several mixtapes in the future.

The third track on the release is “Steak”. This is a joint that’s more peak hour in essence. Hat work on this one is definitely driving. Vox come through as the highlight. Sort of a a repetitive banger if that makes any sense. Take a listen.

The EP finishes up strong with perhaps the most beautiful track of all. “Strong” isn’t necessarily dance music but no one can deny it’s a dope track. This smoothed out effort is laced with beautiful vox and chords with flourishes of analog keys going crazy. Definitely the most pleasing track on the EP for listeners. This will.. if I’m not correct on this.. finishing up A LOT of mixtapes in the near future.

Overall I give the EP an 8 out of 10. It’s beautifully produced and in 4 tracks takes you over a wide range of expression which is very nice to hear in a record these days. As always we’ll have our eyes on the label Hypercolour and James Welsh as well. Hope after listening you will too. You can pick up the EP HERE.