French producer Joachim Pastor grew up in Paris around music, spending fourteen years at conservatory learning music and playing a variety of instruments. He started producing music in his teenage years, which eventually led to his first record label signing in 2009. His penchant for subtle melody and affinity for techno combine to form something that has been described as intelligent tech-house.


“Born And Left” is the title track off of Joachim Pastor’s latest EP released on Parquet Recordings. It balances tech-house with blues and soul, creating a powerfully emotional piece with epic qualities. The video for the song is an adaptation of a French animated short film called Poussière (Dust), but “Born And Left” fits as the film’s soundtrack eerily well. Done in anime style with abstract imagery, the surrealism of the video evokes a strong narrative, and the combination of the song and video couldn’t be more perfect. “Born And Left” may be on the mellow side, but its use of contrasting styles makes it strangely energetic. Just like the pairing of the song and video, the unlikely blend of musical styles in “Born And Left” work strikingly well.