Montreal’s Kaytranada, a name TheHundred should be familiar with, just dropped this little three track 12″ on vinyl and as a digital Bandcamp download for a measly 3.00$: At All/Hilarity Duff, and as a treat to that army of all things Kay, released the B-Side “Hilarity Duff” on his Soundcloud. The tune pumps plenty of that now signature bass throughout, flirting again with the hip-hop/beat-scene meets house concept and plenty of funky soul that only he could make work, which has been something we just haven’t been able to get enough of. Check out the “Hilarity Duff” single below, and go show some love for just one buck per track on his bandcamp.

xencloud says:

“Top notch ho’s, get the most, not the lesser…” – UGK