The A&R department over at Audiophile Deep are doing everything right. With a string of hot releases over the course of the last couple of months, label boss Jimmy Freer must be beaming with how this subsidiary of Audiophile has taken off. Their latest release comes from Mass Digital, who have released records on Nervous, Toolroom, Pacha and a host of other prestigious labels. The Perfect Harmony EP stretches the limits on how one slew of songs can be utilized to please dance halls throughout the course of a night. The self-titled track “Perfect Harmony” brings a full frontal attack of garage stabs and some heady bass line patterns while sampling Bob Sinclar’s “Darlin” to full effect; producing a truly versatile record. “Sparks” is a groove driven, bass laiden beast taken control by the ferocious low end and subtle piano riffs. “Unexpected” picks up where “Perfect Harmony” left off. Encompassing a soulful presence of groove and beat amiss Dwele’s “I Think I Love You” vocals, this writer can’t help but just melt at the pure bliss expelled from this perfect symphony of layered goodness. Keep the tracks flowin’ fellas!