You wouldn’t think it, but Texas has been on the forefront on electronic music for quite some time. Don’t compare it to New York or the west coast because, well, that would be like comparing apples to legos. A few weeks ago, Medicinne released a remix of Jose Gonzalez’ “This is How We Walk on the Moon”, completely transforming the entire landscape of the song from an indie acoustic driven track to a deep house monster capable of captivating a very diverse audience. A couple of weeks later and they’re back with an EP out on the always stellar Audiophile Deep imprint hailing out of Dallas.

The Pampa EP dwells in the deep and dark territories of house and techno, not really tipping the scales to either side. The self titled track “Pampa” breaks the ice with some intense swells and shuffling hi hats that lead into an aggressive melody paired and an equally booming bassline. Close your eyes and let “Pampa” teleport you to a dark, yet inviting late night clubbing establishment where the speakers will keep you wanting more. “Frontera” dives right in head first with the bass taking over melody duties; keeping this tune low to the ground and ready for action with it’s simple, intrinsic design.

One thing is clear: Medicinne has finished off 2014 with an impressive resume with no signs of stopping any time soon. The EP is available HERE so go snag it while it’s hot off the presses.