Wankelmut and Emma Louise - My Head Is A Jungle (My Head Is A Dub MK Remix)

We’re all familiar with MK‘s epic remix of Wankelmut & Emma Louise‘s “My Head Is A Jungle,” well MK wasn’t satisfied with just one version, and he has decided to give us the ‘My Head Is A Dub MK Remix’. MK is famous for releasing multiple remixes of a track, his chart topping remix of Storm Queen‘s “Look Right Through” is actually the third version he made of that track. Furthermore, MK literally invented the ‘Dub’ remix, so it was only a matter of time before we got this version. The ‘My Head Is A Dub’ remix is much harder than the original. I really like the dub, however I love the original remix so much I’m not sure if I could prefer this one. This dub remix would destroy the dance floor though, especially since it reinvigorates a track over a year old. Check it out. What one do you prefer? I included the original for ease of comparison.