Sylent Efx barged into the Denver music scene earlier this year with a remix of option4 and two originals “Thumpin” and “Wonder”. While these salacious tunes put him on the map, the thirst for more remained so he undertook the project of remixing the new Mosis tune; a more seasoned and established artist in the Mile High City whose diverse portfolio keeps him in a different stack of cards from most of the producers in Denver.

Taking a more club appropriate approach to remixing the record, this budding prodigy exhibits his producing prowess by extending himself outside the original’s four on the floor groove. Keeping the warm aesthetic feel of the original, Sylent Efx brings a half beat kick drum pattern while still utilizing the emotional bonds that Mosis initially created; giving off an unmistakable Future Classic type vibe.

This combination shouldn’t be looked over with this definitely going into in my personal and professional crate of go to music for quite some time. Don’t wait. Grab this free download now.