Feel Good Inc.

With a new a new Gorillaz album on the way set for debut in 2016, there are a lot of thirsty ears are chomping at the bit in anticipation. Fortunately, there are excellent remixes like this bootleg of “Feel Good Inc.” out on Audiophile Deep by Brauxpez; a budding producer out of Austin, Texas. While not much is known about him, we do know that this track was made as a homework assigned during one of Francis Preve’s ACC Northridge production classes.

A tantalizing drum kit accompanied by and a hypnotizing arpeggiated pattern abruptly gives way to the unmistakable lyrics of the Gorillaz and Feel Good Inc. The underlying bass drum arrangement is silky smooth – allowing for the brilliantly placed melodic stabs to flow with some resistance, creating a conflicting buildup that’s begging for release.

According to his Facebook page, he’s playing the SXSW Academik Records and Audiophile Deep Showcase on Saturday, March 21 on the LANAI rooftop so if you’re in the Lone Star state during South By Southwest, you should definitely check him and the party out. In the mean time, scroll through the rest of his productions that range from electro house to chillwave electronica.