Believe the hype when we say that the Denver powerhouse known as option4, has been making waves in the house community in what one would call a break-out year from the individual whose music styles are border less and have been dubbed “more house than tech, more deep than disco.” By attacking every spectrum of the production game, Brennan has acquired some much deserved attention and praise with the string of hits that stretches to last week with his remix of Sammy Bananas “Money Time” that came out on Fool’s Gold Records. Completely reworking the Indian Summer track featuring Ginger & the Ghost, going from heavy dub to somewhere on the house spectrum between garage and deep while retaining a very robust bassline and rife with attitude, this rendition of “Shiner” may burn a hole in your sole. Softly rolling into a deep, hypnotic verse, coupled with a swinging drum kit and burgeoning pad ensemble, the drop that ensues hails of a different breed of groove; up in your face, no holds bar. With the original already having over 450k plays and it having the backing of Sweat It Out!, whose musical prowess includes that of Rufus, Motez and What So Not, watch for this track to be lighting up dance parties and club floors for months to come.