If one word could describe the year option4 has had in the city of Denver and abroad in cities like New York, LA and Washington DC while continually pumping out quality tunes like the one being written about right now would be “whirlwind”. Fresh off a mixtape curated for the Frank & Oak clothing line, this luscious interpretation of the new Sammy Banana choon “Money Time” digs deep with an abrasive lead melody alongside a comforting and sultry bassline. Relative newcomers Antony & Cleoptara, already seeing some impressive play on the Anjunadeep label, project a level or radiance that leaves you coming out of the experience feeling like a million dollars. Sporting remixes of their own, Wax Motif and Durkin provide great accompaniment to Mr. Bryarly’s extensive cut. You can snag the whole 6 track EP including the radio and dub mix HERE. Oh, and that artwork is money.