There isn’t much that option4 hasn’t accomplished this year. He’s been on every major publication in regards of his publications. He’s made numerous mixtapes spanning from Frank & Oak to Thump to Earmilk and Discobelle. And we can’t forget about the stellar BBC Radio 1 mix he did. He’s also destroyed all predictions made by Caveman Sound for artists to look out for in 2014. With 2015 just around the corner, Brennen Bryarly continues on the hot streak that’s landed him release on Sweat It Out! and Nurvous over the course of the year. Can we say that “He’s on Fire”?  His latest single, “You’re iLL” is the 17th release off of Denver digital imprint Night Supply Records, in which he is the label boss of; so it’s quite fitting that he comes back to them to release this club hit after months of hiatus. Snagging a sample from the Pack’s 2007 hit “Vans”, a viral vocal hook is created and looped using the phrase “Got my vans on but they look like sneakers”. With this in the fore ground, a salaciously enticing bassline rolls underneath coupled with an OG kick drum in the background, this track screams club life. Following an intense downtempo breakdown, this charismatic choon has compiled all the components for it to succeed well into next year.