No RequestsThe “no requests” meme has really taken off recently, with aggravated DJs sick to death of drunk Lady Gaga and “That’s my jam!” fans nagging them during sets. Performers have taken action ranging from passive aggressive signs and clothing to misogynistic rhyme schemes and straight up lecturing from behind the decks.

A Michigan DJ recently took the “no requests” ethos to another level, though, by hurling beer pitchers at partygoers who had requested songs he apparently didn’t approve of. Christopher Montoya was spinning a private party at the Diamond Banquet Hall in Bay City last month when he had finally had enough pestering. Local news site MLive reports:

Officers spoke with two women, Jodi Lynn Martin and Cathy Jo Wazbinski, who said they’d been struck with beer pitchers thrown by by the Montoya, the event’s DJ, according to court records.

‘I went and asked the DJ why he wouldn’t play any of our songs,’ Martin told the officers. ‘The DJ was really drunk. As I was walking away from the DJ, I was hit in the back of the head with a pitcher.’

A scuffle ensued, and Montoya was eventually escorted out of the venue and arrested on two felony charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, as well as a misdemeanor account of disturbing the peace.

The DJ’s parting words? “This club doesn’t like DJs.”

No word on the genre or whether or not the beer pitchers were full.

Image by whatleydude via flickr creative commons