artworks-000060687736-1hgdbu-t500x500AFFKT‘s Spanish label, Sincopat, is set to release the sixth volume in their UpSideDown compilation series featuring five brand new tracks from five different artists. While all the tracks reside under the house music umbrella, each artists exhibits their own flair, leaning subtly on a gamit of dance music genres. Point Sole‘s “Wanna War is a clever track – a blend of classic ’90s house vibes with a subtle techno footprint. Mesake‘s “Love The Loose” is a slow, dark creeper of a track – lovely, especially for this time of year. Chocolate Avenue‘s “Amazing Grey” is my cup of tea – soulful (those vocals…god damn), lots of shuffle, delicious bass, and a smart chord progression. Istra Tec & Robbel‘s “Funkloop” is tech-house meets filter house wrapped in a hint of big beat – very nice. FullHouse‘s “Spring Hero” is great throwback style house jam with 808 claps and piano stabs, but the throbbing techno bass is a great twist that makes it retro modern – so keen. This diverse package comes out on November 4th!