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Cloak & Dagger Approaches! *Playlist by The Groove*

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You may have heard that we're throwing our first music festival this weekend--hopefully you've heard, especially if you're in Denver--well to be more specific it's the promotion arm of TheHundred, TheHundred Prese...

Cloak & Dagger Locals Preview: Action 52, Keepers., and Need & Necessity

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You know the drill: Cloak & Dagger is next Saturday, September 20th. You can buy tickets here. This is the final post in our locals preview, as we focus in on the TheHundred/Night Supply family playing the festiva...

Cloak & Dagger Music Festival

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So you all are probably aware that our promotion arm, TheHundred Presents, puts on some of the dopest shows in the country on a weekly basis; HOME Denver at Bar Standard on Fridays, and TheHundred Presents at Club...