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Egos, Bribery, and Lawsuits: EDM’s Two Biggest CEOs Duke it Out for Industry Supremacy

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Two cut-throat CEOs are battling it out for control over America's hottest commodity with trademark lawsuits, expanding portfolios, proxy battles, and even allegations of bribery. One has unrivaled business savvy, whi...

EDM Even More Official: “White Paper” Released

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Electronic Dance Music has its own white paper. If you’re not familiar with the term, don’t worry—these documents are typically limited to government and the business world. Social Media Examiner’s CEO Michael Stelzne...

Tom Petty Disses Electronic Music, DJ Culture, and Electric Daisy. Rotella Responds.

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As you may have heard, Tom Petty had some choice words for electronic music, festivals, and DJs in a short but wide-ranging interview in USA Today published last Friday. He had deep thoughts on everything from guns to...