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Bad News for SFX Keeps on Coming: Loss of $41 Million and Drop in Same Festival Attendance

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SFX has had a rough few weeks. Two days after CEO and Chairman Robert F.X. Sillerman announced plans to buy back a majority of the company's stock, causing a brief jump in said stock's value, antitrust litigation grou...

SFX Stock Jumps as CEO Proposes Buying Stock and Going Private

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SFX (SFXE) stock jumped 25% today on news that the electronic music media conglomerate may go private. Robert F.X. Sillerman, the company's Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors prop...

SFX Talks Layoffs, Expansion, and Sponsorships in Earnings Call

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SFX had their third quarter earnings call today in which they discussed—and expanded upon—their quarterly earnings report released this morning. The report is, overall, a rosy one that boasts increased revenue quarter...