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T-Mobile Will Let You Stream Unlimited Beatport Tunes

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T-Mobile's Music Freedom Plan just keeps getting better. The plan, which allows its subscribers to stream unlimited music without eating into their monthly data, has dozens of big name partners including Pandora, Spot...

T-Mobile User? You Can Now Stream Unlimited Electronic Music from Digitally Imported

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Are you a T-Mobile subscriber? Do you love electronic music? If so, we have some great news for you: Digitally Imported has been added to the mobile company's Music Freedom plan, meaning its 53 million users can strea...

SFX Talks Layoffs, Expansion, and Sponsorships in Earnings Call

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SFX had their third quarter earnings call today in which they discussed—and expanded upon—their quarterly earnings report released this morning. The report is, overall, a rosy one that boasts increased revenue quarter...