This week sees the release of Duky’s new EP, ‘The World Is Yours,’ on his label, Deep Tech Records. The release features two remixes – one by Miro Pajic and the other by the legendary, Butane. Duky’s original follows suit with the rest of his back-catalogue : laid-back, spaced-out, and definitely late-night. The track is perfect for a more intimate environment and is great in the early hours of the morning. Miro’s remix goes even deeper and weirder. The baseline is twisted and wet, while the the hit hats filter in and out creating an all together disorienting effect. Butane’s interpretation turns Duky’s slack house original into one of his own ‘little helpers‘ and places a little more forward momentum on the groove and pumps up the energy. This release is a win and has pick for every mood – be sure to pick it up!