Deadmau5 Zimmerman Time for that weekly round-up where we catch you up on all the hot news you missed while you were slaving away at your corporate cubicle, suffering under fascist internet filters. Well here it is. Soak it up before you sweat it out on the dance floor this weekend. Do it.

Deadmau5 Will Play B2B With Paris Hilton for a mere $2 Mil:

Ok, so what’s a weekly EDM roundup without a deadmau5 mention? Much to the chagrin of many electronic music fans, it was recently reported that Paris Hilton is making upwards of $1 million for some DJ performances. Mr. deadmau5 Zimmerman–who has talked mad shit about the hotel heiress–made a public offer: He will play alongside Paris Hilton, for a measly 2 million bucks. TMZ reports here.

SoundCloud Announces Subscription Service:

soundcloud logoSoundCloud released a statement this week announcing that it had finalized a deal with Warner Music Group that will hopefully allow it to stay above water. This is a long time coming, as the online music destination has been struggling with its cash flow, as well as assaults from the record labels, artists, and fans who hate the idea of actually paying for a service. The press release indicates that SoundCloud is planning a premium/subscription service beginning in mid-2015. TechCrunch broke the news, but thump jumped in to provide some more details:

Warner will own a 3% to 5% stake in SoundCloud, and get paid royalties every time you play one of their songs, including remixes and mashups. However, the deal doesn’t require Warner to share its entire catalog—which includes artists like Skrillex, Moby, Tiësto and Madonna.

Theo Parrish and Maya Jane Coles Announce New Albums:
Two of house music’s best, albeit with very different interpretations of the genre, announced plans to release new albums this month: Maya Jane Coles’ three-track EP, entitled From the Dark, is set for release on November 21st, while deep house legend Theo Parrish has a full-length due out on the 17th. Samples of Parrish’s album, American Intelligence, are up at Juno, and he has a video out for his first single, Footwork–you can check that out below. XLR8R reports that very few details have emerged regarding the Coles project; no doubt it will be worth the wait.

Calvin Harris’ Great Week:

Calvin Harris LiveOk, so sales of Motion are kind of weak when compared to, say, the 1.3 million albums Taylor Swift moved this week, but that doesn’t mean Calvin Harris hasn’t had an incredible week. Not only did Motion break records before its release, making him the first artist ever to have three songs hit Billboard‘s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart at the same time, but he just pocketed a cool million for spinning last weekend’s elite Bacardi Triangle party on Palomino Island.

FBI Has Hilarious Take on Rave Culture:
FBI Shaded Seal
The good folks at Stoney Roads stumbled upon the FBI’s “Club Drugs” page, that includes some hilarious and hysterical descriptions of American raves. Among the gems:

Raves are frequently advertised as “alcohol free” parties with hired security personnel. Internet sites often advertise these events as “safe” and “drug free.” However, they are dangerously over crowded parties where your child can be exposed to rampant drug use and a high-crime environment. Numerous overdoses are documented at these events.

Rave promoters capitalize on the effects of club drugs. Bottled water and sports drinks are sold at Raves, often at inflated prices, to manage hyperthermia and dehydration. Also found are pacifiers to prevent involuntary teeth clenching, menthol nasal inhalers, surgical masks, chemical lights, and neon glow sticks to increase sensory perception and enhance the Rave experience.

SFX Entertainment LogoSFX Entertainment Continues Expansion:

EDM-everything conglomerate SFX Entertainment has formed a “strategic alliance” with PRISA Radio, the world’s largest Spanish-language radio group. SFX has set upon an aggressive international expansion, with a strong focus on Latin America. This year SFX announced the purchase of a 50% stake in the Rock in Rio festival franchise, as well as the acquisition of Plus Talent, Brazil’s premier promoter and talent-booking agency.

The relationship also provides inroads for further European expansion. SFX already holds majority stakes in Dutch ticketing company Paylogic and German promoter i-Motion, as well as a couple of major European promotion companies (ID&T and Monumental). While PRISA operates all over Latin America, it is headquartered in Spain and has a considerable presence on the Spanish airwaves.

Lollapalooza Berlin in 2015:
Lollapalooza 2014
Billboard reports that Lollapalooza is headed to Berlin next year. Chile, Brazil, and Argentina are other international locations that either have or will host the traveling festival. The concert will be held at an airport:

This is the first time Lolla has ventured onto European soil, either as a touring festival or a one-off event, and Marc Geiger, head of WME’s music division, says in a statement that, while Europe has long been considered, producers were ‘intimidated by the rich festival history Europe has had for 50 years. Now, he adds, ‘Berlin feels like it is ready to explode as a city and cultural center and we want to be there to grow with the city.’

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