Tropicool & Peitzke - Cat Call

Today we’re featuring the first ever single from our homie Tropicool! The track is called “Cat Call,” and is produced by Tropicool and Peitzke. If we had to describe the track, we probably couldn’t do any better than the press release–which is one of the best ones we’ve seen–but to use our original language, it has a dreamy, upbeat tropical vibe, with gooey synths, and it’s hard to not smile while listening to it. Here’s how the press release describes “Cat Call”:

Oi lords & ladies! Is the looming cold front giving your tube steak frost-bite? Are your nipples harder than diamonds in an ice-storm? Do ya need an extra shot of whiskey to get that whistle wet? Thank bab y jesus Tropicool & Peitzke have combined forces to form like Voltron, and assembled ‘Cat Call’, oozing with love, and dripping in gold. It’s pure sexy funk, with a heaping side of experimental sounds perfectly tucked in, leaving us craving seconds. With the lead back in your pencil, hit play, steal Dennis’s mom’s ’97 Mazda Miata, and let all the myrts in the neighborhood know you say, ‘HEY!

Check it out! It’s available to download free as well!