Just this past weekend, TheHundred celebrated its two year anniversary. This video, compiled by the fine folks at Concerted Effort, takes a trip down memory lane, revisiting many of the landmark moments that have shaped what TheHundred is all about. Yes, TheHundred has been behind a slew of amazing shows, but the impact of TheHundred transcends the music that bonds everyone together.

“The idea of TheHundred seems simple – a group of people who love house music and act as a vessel to connect others to said music. But whether you are on the inside or out, the connections formed by TheHundred run much deeper. It prioritizes everything that is awesome about friends, family, costumes, light refraction, gender-bending, endorphins, bouncing booties, pheromones, and extroverted all-inclusive social habits. TheHundred is a bridge that leads to some of the strongest friendships around, and the good nature of these great co-mingling souls is contagious and addicting. It’s set to the back-drop of premier talent from around the world. 100+ people giving 100 percent to a loving, inclusive, music-obsessed family! (P.S. Unicorns and Discoballs!!)”