Sincopat‘s newest compilation, Vomvo, spoils us with a dozen strong tracks. Darlyn Vlys, Melokolektiv and Thomas Gandey start the compilation off with a brooding dark number, “All You”, a groover that really sets the tone and gets nasty at all the right moments. HearThuG shows some minimal finesse and sound exploration in “The Space In Between”. AFFKT, Jimmy Van and Luxor T bring dark melodic funk with “Higher”. Third Son melds tech-house and acid seamlessly in “Entrance Acid” to make for a hypnotic track. Mike Rivelli stays on the acid tip with “Widow”, albeit with more sleight of hand and emphasis on atmospherics for pure dark groove.  Kid Culture flexes some symphonic meets world music undertones on the minimal but exotic “Drunken Master”. Upercent brings subtle hints of jazz coupled in the gorgeous track “Amerat”. D.Y.A brings out a primal feel in “Horace” in the most civilized manner possible. Greeko‘s “Freak This” is some next level tech-funk. Chaty, Tamez and Gabriel I instantly grab attention with something beautifully melodic that rewards the patient listener immaculate groove. “Smoke & Ashes” is such a stellar deep track by Pete Oak, it’s good to see it on another Sincopat release. Unders rounds out the compilation with “Home of Love”, a great deep melodic anthem to drive the package home. If you are on that darker tip, Vomvo is a must to pad your collection!