Electronic Sriracha Electronic Music Festival 2014 Updated with line-up.

This promises to be exciting news for a lot of people, especially those in California’s Bay Area. Three of the biggest trends in American culture are about to merge in San Jose on Labor Day Weekend as electronic music, food trucks, and sriracha form like Voltron to become the “Electronic Sriracha Festival.”

A mysterious website has gone up promising “2 city blocks, 3 stages of electronic music, 4 bars, and 120- sriracha-infused dishes.”

The promoter/presenter is Moveable Feast, a Bay Area-based group known in San Jose for its weekly food truck gatherings that draw thousands of people for live music and delicious food. They get rave reviews on Yelp and a lot of buzz in local media.

The line-up has yet to be announced, but is expected Monday, July 21st. We’ll definitely keep an eye on this and keep you posted, as the curator is rumored to be San Francisco DJ John Beaver who mixed the official Coachella 2012 soundtrack.

To good food and even better music! Stay tuned.


Ticket prices and line-up have been announced:

Sam F
John Beaver Live with Krishna Lee on Drums & Greg Manacho on Guitar
Ross FM
Carlos Alfonzo
Tomas Phan
Ian Rey

Aaron Axelson
Dead Funk
Andy P
Mr. Tyler Jackson
California Casual
DJ Hil
Bare Knuckles
James Ashley

Los Disco Duro
Bobby Acosta
Double A and Jay Reese
DJ Basura
Haptic Synapses
Mike Zhao