loves The Weeknd. His forward-looking and melancholic approach to R&B has penetrated mainstream consciousness while holding on to the attention and respect of the underground. Electronic music producers from Kygo to Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo have reworked his tracks, making his unmistakable voice a dance-floor fundamental.

Shèmce is the latest producer to take on the Canadian superstar with an unusually dark remix of The Weeknd’s most recent work, Where You Belong, originally featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Yeah, that soundtrack. However you feel about the source, this track is worth a listen. Shèmce is better known for producing tropical house sounds, but knows better than to project that sound on an artist like The Weeknd. Instead, what was originally almost a ballad maintains its shadows while driven by a bouncy bassline, techy tremelo hi-hats, and an eighties-flavored synth that feels more Beverly Hills Cop than BDSM flick.

The Shèmce version sounds triumphant in its newly realized grit and makes brilliant use of the Prince-style guitar featured throughout the original track. Give it a listen below and click through for a free download!