worthyIn a current dance climate saturated with formulaic builds and drops, San Fran based producer Worthy strays from the pack and has nothing but our undivided attention when it comes to a release. Worthy boasts an unconventional tech house sound that is as cutting-edge as it is infectious, pulling from breakbeat styles mixed with future house and techno. It’s no wonder why so many producers and DJ’s from Brodinski to Justin Jay to Hannah Wants are championing his new extended play: Flashin.

Up first is the title track, “Flashin”, which works off an old rave stab that builds up to a dancefloor smasher. When it finally reaches its apex, it drops into some of the lowest 808-bass tones we’ve heard in some time. This is one of those songs that can be played out at the perfect peak time or deep into the early morning darkness.

On the B-side is “Trinidad”, a bit more on the fun and uplifting side. Trinidad works off a steel-drum line that drops you into some pulsing funky bass. This one is a mash-up of dub, bass, and classic house, with some modern twists to it that add some proper freshness. Definitely a great daytime jam but is just as infectious when played nocturnally. Check out both tunes below.